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Links to Related Websites

Listed below is a small sample of the many Genealogy sites to be found on the World Wide Web.  We have kept our listing short because each of these sites also have their own links to many more of the available genealogy sites.

Just Starting? For basic advice on how to trace your ancestry click here.

We think that our representative sample of Web sites (combined with their numerous links) will provide a great deal of information for you irrespective of whether you are a seasoned researcher or just starting out with this fascinating hobby. 
There is an E-mail list for the surname TROTT on Rootsweb where you are urged to post your interests. To join, which is free, simply send an e-mail to TROTT-L-request@rootsweb.com with the single word 'subscribe' in the body of the message. No subject necessary. You should receive a welcome message, if not, go to www.rootsweb.com for advice.
There is also a lively Trott Family Genealogy Forum .
If you are trying to contact a long-lost cousin, The Genes Reunited website has many incidences of our surname, and you can also add your own family tree or GEDCOM file.

Cyndi's List This site is a 'must' if you are new to family history, or starting to research a new surname.

GENUKI This site provides genealogy related information for England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and other islands and many pointers on "getting started in genealogy".

Australian Family History Compendium This site contains information on a wide variety of categories related to genealogy, with a strong emphasis on Australian material.

Genealogy Resources on the Internet This site is an inventory of genealogy resources on the Internet.  It only lists the sources and does not provide any detailed "how-to" information.

Family Tree Maker Pages This is the Web Site of the Broderbund Software Company who sponsor the World Family Tree project.  It is principally an American site but includes a lot of interesting genealogy material and research guidelines.


And here are some links to our members websites, or others on the Internet containing material on the surname Trott & variants. You can find others using a search engine such as Google and typing in "+trott +surname" or other terms such as "family history", "ancestry" or "genealogy".

Phil Sherwood's Ancestry contains material on his Trott family in Somerset from 1600, and in Newington, Surrey from 1820. You can also download a GEDCOM file of his Trott family tree.

Somerset & Dorset FHS For the many whose Trotts originated in those two counties.