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What We Offer

As an example of the usefulness we may be to any individual contemplating genealogical research or already finding an occurrence of one of the many spelling variants we cover, the following list (and it is not exhaustive) describes the type of assistance we can provide from various sources covering


  1. Database on present and past members, their residence and genealogical interests together with other known relatives (but excludes those who prefer not to have their personal details stored in a computers memory).
  2. Extracts from the GRO Indexes for UK Births/Marriages/Deaths/Wills, Births:1837-2009, Marriages:1837-2008 & Deaths:1837-2007 (Wills from 1858-2007) in a number of formats, suitable for extracting information simply, depending on the known facts for a particular family.
  3. Lists of World War I and II deaths and/or cemetery records.
  4. Mormon (Church of Latter Day Saints) International Genealogical Index (1988) in computer (most of the world), microfiche and manuscript form covering the UK as well as their 1851 and 1881 UK Census CD's and the British, Australian and Nth American Vital Records CD's.
  5. New Zealand extracts from Indexes for B/M/D from 1857 to 1960 (some gaps) and some electoral roll data. Some similar data for various States of Australia.
  6. Computer and printed lists of family relationships gleaned from individuals by personal questioning and other methods by two of our "experts" (Ed Trott of Canada and Gillian O' Mara of Australia) covering Australia, New Zealand, Canada and UK.
  7. Copies of information obtained from the UK Society of Genealogists known as the Great File Index.
  8. Transcript in typed form of Dr Campbell's Index - extracts from Parish Records for Somerset by Parish - covering Christening, Marriages, Burials.
  9. Large areas of census returns for the UK from 1841 to 1891 inclusive, in computer form, together with similar abstracts from various Parish Records and Monumental Inscriptions.
  10. Alphabetical index covering 4000 names in a cardex system from various sources (TONRG Great Card Index!).
  11. Guide Books on genealogy; complete set of Ordnance Survey maps of UK; complete set of UK telephone directories; some Victorian maps; genealogical directories; County Record Office/TNA/GRO guides; some census indexes
  12. Back copies of the Group Newsletter are available at 0.50 (or local equivalent) per copy, with computer printouts (or disks) of data and lists of members interests supplied at the cost of materials and postage.

    Our Editor, Stuart Trott holds the main database, which includes all the births, marriages, deaths & the census records.