Shettle and Shuttle Ancestry in England

The Wyvern Crest for Shettle of Dorset used by the Erle-Drax Family (From 'Fairbairn's Crests' Plate 69)
On A Rock A Wyvern Statant With Wings Elevated And Endorsed.
Motto: 'Lente et Certus'

Clusters in 1881 Registration Districts

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The Shettle Family of Warwickshire and Dorset - with links to the Erle-Drax family of Charborough

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My Own Shettle Family Tree of Wilts, Winchester and Lambeth

My paternal grandmother was Ellen Shettle, an unusual surname which is a variant of SHUTTLE deriving from the occupations using a shuttle for weaving, or possibly a nickname meaning flighty like a shuttlecock. Ellen's father John came from Cheriton near Winchester in Hants and moved to London around 1860 to work as a Baker in Lambeth. I traced the line back to Nathaniel Shettle at Chilcombe ca1780, and I would like to express my grateful thanks to Maureen Shettle of Guildford for helping me trace the line back further in the Hungerford/Marlborough area of Wiltshire.

The Norman Parish Church of St Andrew, Chilcombe, Hampshire where many of my Shettles were hatched, matched and dispatched.

Here is a Register Report of my Shettle  family tree:

First Generation

(From Maureen Shettle e-mail 25.7.00: There is now evidence to prove that the Robert Shuttle who married Anne in the 1650's and lived at Martin in the parish of Great Bedwin, was the father of the Robert who baptised several children at Inkpen. Robert senior also baptised a son called Abraham at Tidcombe which is very close, so they obviously moved around a bit. I still haven't found the baptism of Edward at the top of our tree - I'm still 90% sure that Edward was the son of Robert junior as there is a time gap in between the ages of the other known children and also there are very few other families of the same name in the area. There was one going back to the late 1500s in the Marlborough and Market Lavington area which was not far off and there was also an early marriage in Calne, further to the west but apart from that Shuttle families would appear to have been incomers and I haven't yet found any in Berkshire earlier than the mid 1700s. I'm wondering about the area around Vernham Dean and Linkenholt where there was also a concentration. I know they go back to the 1600s here but the registers are missing for most of the 1700s.)

1. Edward SHUTTLE. (possibly son of a Robert Shuttle) Edward married Elizabeth ------?. They had the following children:

              2              i.   Nathan b.~1721.
ii. John. Born  ca 1715. John was baptized in Shalbourne WIL on 14 Aug 1715.  
Joseph b.~1718.

He second married Elizabeth Marsh and had daughter Elizabeth born abt 1726,  bpt Jan 20 1726 in Shalbourne WIL . On 16 Apr 1749 when Elizabeth was 21, she married John FARMER, in Shalbourne WIL.  

Second Generation  

2. Nathan SHUTTLE. Nathan was baptized in Shalbourne WIL on 30 Jan 1723. On 17 Dec 1744 Nathan married Mary NUTLEY, in Burbage WIL. They had the following children:

              3              i. Nathaniel (~1745-1820)
ii. Joseph. Born in 1745. Joseph was baptized in Little Bedwin WIL on 12 Apr 1745.  
iii. Jane. Born in 1748. Jane was baptized in Little Bedwin WIL on 4 Dec 1748.
On 7 Dec 1769 when Jane was 21, she married John GOSLING, in Froxfield WIL.  
iv. John. Born in 1752. John died in Apr 1836, he was 84. Buried on 18 Apr 1836 in Little Bedwin WIL. John was baptized in Little Bedwin WIL on 26 Apr 1752.
On 31 Jul 1774 when John was 22, he married Ann PYE. Buried on 4 Feb 1822 in Little Bedwin WIL..
                             v. Thomas. Born in 1755. Thomas died in 1784, he was 29. Buried on 1 Nov 1784 in Little Bedwin WIL. Thomas was baptized in Little Bedwin WIL on 5 Jan 1755.
Thomas married Mary BURCHELL.  
vi. Sarah. Born in 1756. Sarah was baptized in Little Bedwin WIL on 5 Dec 1756.  
vii. Elizabeth. Born in 1759. Elizabeth was baptized in Little Bedwin WIL on 19 Aug 1759.  
4          viii. Edward (1761-1845)

Third Generation  

3. Nathaniel SHETTELL. Born  abt 1745. Buried on 30 Jul 1820 in Chilcomb HAM. Nathaniel died in Chilcomb HAM in 1820, he was 75. Resident: Portmouth Road, Chilcomb at burial @ 75. On 5 Dec 1779 when Nathaniel was 34, he married Ann PARKER, in Twyford HAM. They had the following children:

              5              i. John (ca1778-1845) 
6             ii. William (1783-1847)  

4. Edward SHUTTLE. Born in 1761. Edward died in 1845, he was 84. Buried on 7 Dec 1845 in Froxfield WIL. Edward was baptized in Little Bedwin WIL on 25 Dec 1761. Occupation: Labourer. Edward first married Hannah DIXON. They had 8 children:  
William abt 1789 bpt Nov 8 m Lydia Martin and had eight children.
John abt 1790 bpt Dec 19 M Ann Gwyne had one child
Jane abt 1792 bpt Apr 29 died 1809
Mary abt 1794 bpt Mar 2
Nancy abt 1795 bpt Apr 26
Joseph abt 1797 bpt Dec 24 m Harriet Deacon, no children found
Nathan abt 1798 bpt Dec 8 m Elizabeth Dance
Hannah abt 1800 bpt Mar 2 died 1800

              7              i.  William. On 25 Mar 1805 when Edward was 44, he second married Catherine DUDLEY, in Ramsbury WIL. Catherine died in 1845. They had the following children: 
i. George.  
ii.  James.  
iii. Charles. Born in 1811 in Ramsbury WIL. Charles was baptized in Ramsbury WIL on 20 Jan 1811. Occupation: Woodman.
On 29 Apr 1837 when Charles was 26, he married Martha RYDER, in Froxfield WIL.  

Fourth Generation  

  5. John SHETTELL. Born  ca 1778. At the age of 2, John was baptized in Winchester St.Peter Chesil HAM on 16 Oct 1780. John died in Chilcomb HAM on 30 May 1845, he was 67. Occupation: Sawyer/ Labourer. On 4 Mar 1810 when John was 32, he married Sarah HEWLETT, in Winchester S Thomas, HAM. They had the following children:

              8              i. John (1810-1850) 
                             ii. Henry. Born  abt 1812 in Winchester HAM. Resident: 1851 Census at Gosport, Hants.
On 7 Oct 1834 when Henry was 22, he married Harriet LAWRENCE, in Chilcomb HAM.  
iii. Rachel. Born on 5 Oct 1822 in Chilcomb HAM. Rachel was baptized in Chilcomb HAM on 17 Nov 1822.
On 19 Feb 1846 when Rachel was 23, she married William STACEY, in Winchester St. Maurice.  
iv. Sarah. Born in 1817. Sarah was baptized in Winchester St.John HAM on 6 Apr 1817.  
v. Martha. Born in 1825. Martha was baptized in Winchester St.Peter Chesil HAM on 20 Mar 1825.

6. William SHUTTLE. Born in 1783. William was baptized in Chilcomb HAM on 17 Aug 1783. William died in 1847, he was 64. Buried on 15 Jun 1847 in Chilcomb HAM. William married Elizabeth TAYLOR. Born  ca 1785. Elizabeth died in 1864, she was 79. Buried on 6 Dec 1864 in Chilcomb HAM. They had the following children:

                              i. William. Born in 1812. William was baptized in Sparsholt HAM on 17 May 1812.  
ii. Mary. Born in 1819. Mary was baptized in Winchester St.James HAM on 11 Dec 1819.  
iii. James. Born in 1813. James was baptized in Sparsholt HAM on 15 Aug 1813.  
iv. Thomas. Born in 1815. Thomas was baptized in Sparsholt HAM on 4 Jun 1815. married in Winchester RD (GRO Index).  
v. Elizabeth. Born in 1817. Elizabeth was baptized in Sparsholt HAM on 7 Sep 1817.

7. William SHUTTLE. William married Lydia MARTIN. They had one child: 
9              i. Isaac (1824-)   

Fifth Generation  

  8. John SHETTLE. Born in 1810 in Winchester area. John was baptized in Sparsholt HAM on 29 Jul 1810. John died in Cheriton HAM in Nov 1850, he was 40. Buried on 19 Nov 1850 in Cheriton HAM. Occupation: Shoemaker/Currier. Resident: 1841 census in Cheriton, HAM. In 1834 when John was 24, he first married Clara BATCHELOR, daughter of James BATCHELOR & Anna Matilda AYLING, in Chilcomb HAM. Born in 1815. At the age of 1, Clara was baptized in Cheriton HAM on 28 Apr 1816. Clara died in Cheriton HAM in 1842, she was 27. Buried on 30 Oct 1842 in Cheriton HAM. They had the following children:

           10              i. John Wallace (1834-1873) 
ii. Clara Matilda. Born  ? Mar 1838 in Alresford Reg Dist. HAM. Clara Matilda died in Portsea Reg.Dist.HAM in 1881/1882, she was 42. Buried on 28 Feb 1882 in Cheriton HAM. Occupation: None. Resident: 1841-81 Cheriton.   
iii. Mary Ann. Born in 1842 in Cheriton HAM. Mary Ann was baptized in Cheriton HAM on 3 Apr 1842. Mary Ann died in 1842 in Cheriton HAM. Buried on 25 Jun 1842 in Cheriton HAM.   
    On 1 Dec 1845 when John was 35, he second married Eliza LEACH, in Cheriton HAM. Born on 4 May 1819 in Cheriton HAM. Eliza was baptized in Cheriton HAM on 6 May 1819.  They had the following children:                               i. Martha. Born in 1846 in Cheriton HAM. Martha was baptized in Cheriton HAM on 29 Sep 1846. Resident: 1851 census in New Alresford, Hants.  
ii. Ann. Born in 1848 in Cheriton HAM. Ann was baptized in Cheriton HAM on 7 May 1848. Resident: 1851 census at New Alresford.  
11            iii. Henry (1850-1901)  

9. Isaac SHUTTLE. Born in 1824 in Ramsbury, Wilts. Isaac was baptized in Ramsbury WIL on 8 Aug 1824. Occupation: Navvy/Stoker in Gasworks. On 21 Aug 1854 when Isaac was 30, he married Lucy Elizabeth HALL, in St.Georges, Camberwell Surrey.
12              i. Isaac Mark (1867-)  

Sixth Generation  

  10. John Wallace SHETTLE. Born in 1834 in Cheriton HAM. John Wallace was baptized in Cheriton HAM on 26 Dec 1834. John Wallace died in 114 Vauxhall Walk, Lambeth on 30 Jan 1873, he was 39. Occupation: Baker. On 24 Jul 1870 when John Wallace was 36, he married Matilda TROTT, daughter of Charles TROTT & Susannah WIDDESON, in St.Marys, Lambeth SRY. Born  abt 1827. Matilda was baptized in Walworth St Peter, SRY on 3 Jun 1827. Matilda died in Metropolitan Asylum, Caterham SRY on 17 Oct 1890, she was 63. Buried on 22 Oct 1890 in M.A. Caterham Cemetery. They had the following children: 
i. Louisa (1864-)  
ii. Ellen (1868-1928) Grandmother of Phil Sherwood. She m. 1902 George Sherwood 1874-1942 (see photograph below).

  11. Henry SHETTLE. Born on 10 Aug 1850 in Cheriton HAM. Henry was baptized in Cheriton HAM on 13 Oct 1850. Henry died in Brooklyn, NY, USA on 17 Mar 1901, he was 50. Occupation: Draper. Resident: 1851 census at New Alresford. (Gt.gfather of Eric Shettle in Washington DC 1998) On 10 May 1876 when Henry was 25, he married Frances L JOSLING, in Roxwell Par.Church, Essex. Born in 1849.

                              i. Ellen Frances (1877-) 
ii. Henry (1878-1886) 
iii. George Ernest (1879-) 
iv. Frederick Charles (1885-) 
v. Victoria Maud (1887-) 
vi. Ethel Esther (1892-)  

12. Isaac Mark SHETTLE. Born on 12 Jan 1867 in Peckham SRY. Occupation: Warehouseman. Isaac Mark married Emma Catherine BAKER. They had one child: 
i. Albert Charles (1900-1964)

1881 Census: Wilts County Lunatic Asylum, Devizes St.James RG11/2041 f.92 p.11: 
Joseph SHETTLE, 42, Patient, U, Hurdle maker, born Ramsbury, Wilts.

A photograph taken about 1927 in Waltham Cross of my grandparents, George SHERWOOD & Ellen Nee SHETTLE with their three children.

Shettle researchers:

Miss Freda M Lawrence, Brades, Lower Penkridge Road, Acton Trussell, STAFFORD ST17 0RJ, UK has registered an international one-name study for this name. see for details. She is descended from a branch of the Wiltshire Shettles.

Maureen Shettle is descended from Albert Charles Shettle 1900-1964 on the tree above, and carried out most of the research on this line before 1800.

Annemarie Shuttle Her husband is descended from Edward Shuttle & Catherine DUDLEY. Visit her website - Shuttle Family Links

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