Records Available in the Members Room

A list of records which can be searched in the Members Room

Date Added Description File Name Donor
2008 Some Sherwood Apprenticeship Records for England Phil
2008 London City Apprenticeships 1694-1850
2007 Glossary of Occupations Phil
30/07/2010 Electoral Rolls for Western Australia from 1901 to 1936 Bryan
01/01/2009 Sherwoods listed in the 1911 census for Dublin, Ireland Bryan
01/01/2009 Sherwoods in The American Civil War 1861-65 Bryan
01/01/2009 Alumni of Oxford & Cambridge Universities Bryan
01/01/2009 Memorial to Sherwoods who died in the Vietnam War Bryan
02/01/2009 Sherwoods from Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae up to 1715 Bryan
03/01/2009 Women at War Bryan
04/01/2009 Heralds Visitations of England - Intro & Index Bryan
05/01/2009 Visitations - Part 1 Bryan
06/01/2009 Visitations - Part 2 Bryan
07/01/2009 Death Duties Registers at TNA 1796-1811 Bryan
24/02/2010 Royal Navy Seamen 1853-1953 Sherwood RN Seamen.pdf Bryan
30/07/2010 Australian Defence Records Australian Defence Records.pdf Bryan
30/07/2010 Australian Civil Records.pdf Australian Civil Records.pdf Bryan
07/11/2010 Chelsea Pensioners Index 1760-1913 at The National Archives WO97 Chelsea Pensioners Index.pdf Bryan
07/11/2010 Second Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 Second Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902.pdf Bryan
07/11/2010 Andrews Collection Andrews Collection.pdf Bryan
07/11/2010 Hearth Tax 1662-1689 Hearth Tax.pdf Bryan
01/6/2010 Index to Probate Calendar for Eng & Wales 1861- 1941 sh-rw-d Probate Index 1861-1941.csv Phil