First Generation

1. Eliza J ----- was born in 1847 (approx.) in Aller, Soms. She was resident.


William TROTT , son of Francis TROTT (1802-1888) and Anne HAWKINS (1813?-1896), was born in 1837 (approx.) in Creech St.Michael, Soms. He was a Thatcher. He was resident. He and Eliza J ----- had the following children:



Annie Eliza TROTT (1879?- )


Francis W TROTT (1882?- )

Second Generation

2. Annie Eliza TROTT , daughter of William TROTT and Eliza J -----, was born in 1879 (approx.) in Creech St.Michael, Soms. She was baptised on 2 April 1879 in Creech St.Michael.


3. Francis W TROTT , son of William TROTT and Eliza J -----, was baptised on 2 December 1881 in Creech St.Michael. He was born in 1882 (approx.) in Creech St.Michael.