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Kiddal Hall Farm on the A64 at Potterton near Leeds in Yorkshire, where the Kiddall family are said to have lived before moving to South Ferriby.

Burke's General Armory ,page 563 describes two grants of arms to Kiddall. The one illustrated above was granted to my ancestors, Kiddall of South Ferriby in Lincolnshire ca1350. The description is: Arms: Sable a Saltire raguly Argent which means a black shield bearing a silver ragged cross of St.Andrew. The crest is A goat's head erased argent ducally gorged, attired & bearded Or. The crown above should contain a goats head with a golden beard! the second grant to Kiddall of Cornwall is Argent a chevron between three Dolphins sable which is a silver shield bearing a black chevron between 3 Dolphins.

My interest in this name stems from my maternal grandmother Hannah Kiddle, born 1855 in Shephall near Stevenage, Herts and died 16 May 1938 at Cheshunt, Herts. I had traced the line back to a Robert Kiddall (ca1791- 1865) when in about 1990, I made contact with a second cousin, William Kiddle at Peterborough who had done much more research on the family, and through a published pedigree at Lincoln Archives, had traced the family back to a Sir Thomas Kiddell at South Ferriby on the south bank of the River Humber, Lincs ca1340. This was a stroke of good fortune and the furthest back that I can trace any of my family lines. They had migrated to Herts via Higham Ferrers in Northants in the 16-17C.

KIDDLE, or KIDDELL as it is sometimes written in early records, is believed to derive from the Old French word 'Quidel' meaning keeper of a fishing weir (Reaney). One would thus expected it to be clustered near river-plains and wetlands in early times, and this turns out to be true for England at least; e.g. on the IGI it is found mainly in Norfolk, Lincolnshire and the Somerset levels, later spreading into Dorset, Northants, and Hertfordshire.

My grandmother, Hannah lived at Knebworth before moving to Cheshunt after her marriage in 1880. Here is a photo of Hannah with her husband Charles CARTER taken about 1890:

Map of the area where my Kiddle & Carter families lived in Hertfordshire

This extract from the first edition of the one-inch OS map ca1834 shows the area south of Stevenage around the Great North Road (now A1) which ran through Welwyn. The Carters lived at Aston from ca1730, then Welwyn and finally at Winter Green which can be seen just West of Knebworth Park where they worked for the Lytton family. The Kiddles came from Higham Ferrers in Northants, and settled first at Datchworth ca1621, later living in Stevenage, Knebworth, Great & Little Wymondley and Shephall. 
Robert Kiddall, Gent. born 1621 at Datchworth, son of Barnard lived first at Ludwick Hall, Hatfield, but in 1679 he purchased from Joshua Lomax of St.Albans, Hoppers Hall and lands of some 200 acres in Datchworth. In 1694 he also purchased from Arthur Windus of Ware, Painter's Green House and lands also in Datchworth. By 1699, his son Robert had inherited both properties, and by 1708 he had sold off both properties to the Rt.Hon. Hildebrand, Lord Allington, Baron of Killurd, and George Allington, citizen & Haberdasher of London. The 1884 map below shows the location of Hopper's Hall on the south side f Watton Road east of the Three Horseshoes P.H.

The area around Datchworth as it is now is shown below, it can be seen that Hopper's End has been renamed Gover's Green.

My Kiddle Family Tree

Kiddall/Kiddle of Lincs, Northants and Herts from 1319.

compiled  using the tree of K W (Bill) Kiddle for lines before 1750. Lines in Lincs are based on the Kiddall of South Ferriby pedigree at Lincoln Archives. My direct line ancestors are shown in red. The # numbers refer to IDs on my genealogy program. 

          1. Thomas KIDDALL  m. bef1319, _____ #255.    Children:    

           2.     i Adam 
ii Henry KIDDALL  b. South Ferriby, LIN.  

                                                              Second Generation  

          2. Adam KIDDALL  b. South Ferriby, LIN, m. Agnes ____ #258.  had a grant of Free Warren in Barton-on-Humber,Ferriby & Yarborough 1319.
i John KIDDALL  d. dsp.

              3.    ii Sir Thomas .  

                                                              Third Generation       

            3. Sir Thomas KIDDALL  b. of South Ferriby, Knight, m. Elizabeth DAVILL .  He died 1380/81.  Second marriage to  Maude CANTILUPO Elizabeth: d. and co-heir of Sir Robert Davill by Margaret, d.of Sir Laurence HOLBECHE.  Children:      
i Phillip KIDDALL  d.s.p.

              4.    ii Sir Thomas .

                   iii Elizabeth KIDDALL .

                    iv Juliana KIDDALL .

                                                                Fourth Generation       

            4. Sir Thomas KIDDALL  bp. 1367, m. Margaret MOULTON .  In wardship of John de Waltham,Clerk, proved his age on 18  June 1388 Margaret: D.of Sir Thomas MOULTON, Knight.  Children:    

              5.     i Philip .

                                                               Fifth Generation       

           5. Philip KIDDALL  bp. 1410, South Ferriby, LIN, m. Isabel LAMBERT.  Isabel: d. and heir of Sir Thomas Lambert of Beverley.     Children:    

              6.     i Thomas .  
                      ii Anthony bn ca.1435 & had daughter Isabel ca.1465 who in 1482 m. Thomas PORTINGTON at Barnaby Dun, Yorks.

                                                               Sixth Generation       

           6. Thomas KIDDALL  b. South Ferriby, LIN, m. Joan ____ ?.  Thomas died 1461.   Children:    

7.           i Thomas .

                                                               Seventh Generation       

           7. Thomas KIDDALL #271 m. Ellen ____ .  Thomas died 12-Jun-1505.  Proved his age 19 June 1469. Inq. Post-mortem 19 July 1506. Ellen: d. of Thomas ____? Mayor of Calais.    Children:    

                     i John KIDDALL b. abt1488.  aged 17 in 1506, dsp.

              8.    ii Thomas .

                   iii Edward KIDDALL .

                    iv William KIDDALL .

                                                                Eighth Generation       

            8. Thomas KIDDALL m. Margaret BARKWORTH .  Thomas died 1527.  Will proved 1528. Margaret: d. and heir of William BARKWORTH of Laughton.    Children:    

                     i Thomas KIDDALL .

              9.    ii William .

                   iii Charles KIDDALL .

                    iv Philip KIDDALL .

                     v Ellen KIDDALL .

                    vi Anne KIDDALL .

                                                               Ninth Generation       

           9. William KIDDALL b. South Ferriby, LIN, m. Margaret DALYSON .  m. secondly Dorothy d. of Thomas WENTWORTH. Will proved 15 Sept 1549. Margaret: d. of William DALYSON of Laughton. Executrix in 1549.    Children:    

                     i John KIDDALL .

                    ii William KIDDALL d. dsp..

             10.   iii Thomas .

                    iv Ann KIDDALL bp. Higham Ferrers, NTH.  m. Ralph BASSETT

                     v Margaret KIDDALL bp. Higham Ferrers, NTH.

                                                               Tenth Generation       

           10. Thomas KIDDALL m. Elizabeth ____ , d. 1587.  Children:    

             11.     i Robert .

                    ii Anthony KIDDALL .

                   iii Goddard KIDDALL .

                                                               Eleventh Generation       

           11. Robert KIDDALL m. 16-Jan-1580, in Waldron SSX, Philipa FAWKNER , b. Waldron SSX.  PCC Admon in 1608.       Children:    

             12.     i Barnard b. 1592.

                    ii Ann KIDDALL b. 1599, Higham Ferrers, NTH. 

                                                              Twelfth Generation        

          12. Barnard KIDDALL b. 1592, Higham Ferrers, NTH, m. unkown?, d. 1677, Hatfield HRT.  Barnard died 1663, Hatfield  HRT. In 1637 appeared at the Quarter Sessions charged with converting a barn into a dwelling house house without having 'laid to' the statutory 4 acres.     Children:    

             13.     i Robert .

                    ii Barnard KIDDALL b. 1625, Datchworth HRT, d. 1692, Hatfield HRT.

                   iii Elizabeth KIDDALL b. 1630, Datchworth HRT.

                    iv Dorothy KIDDALL b. 1634, Datchworth HRT.

                                                               Thirteenth Generation       

           13. Robert KIDDALL bp. 1621, Datchworth HRT, m. (1) 1661, in Braughing, Joan GAYLOR , m. (2) 1671, in Islington  LDN, Winifred WIGG , b. Hatfield HRT, d. 1708, Datchworth HRT.  Robert died 1700, Datchworth HRT. Occupn: Gent. & Attorney. Resident at Ludwick Hall, Hatfield in Hearth Tax for 1662,1663 & 1673. In 1679 he purchased Hoppers Hall in Datchworth & in 1694 Painters Green House. In 1699 signed a deed of settlement on his son Robert & wife Sarah for Hoppers hall & Painters Green.

                       Children by Joan:

                     i Jane KIDDALL d. 1664, Hatfield HRT.

                    ii Frances KIDDALL d. 1673, Hatfield HRT.

& by Winifred:   14.   iii Robert .

                                                               Fourteenth Generation       

           14. Robert KIDDALL bp. 1678, Hatfield HRT, m. Sarah ____ ?  Robert died 1758, Datchworth HRT. Inherited Hoppers Hall & Painters Green which he sold in 1708 to Lord Allington. By 1730 he appears to have lost his fortune & appeals in Qtr Sessions for his children to maintain him.      Children:    

                     i Mary KIDDALL b. 1701, Datchworth HRT, d. 1702, Datchworth HRT.

                    ii Sarah KIDDALL b. 1702, Datchworth HRT.  m. 1724 Geo SELL at Bengeo.

                   iii Elizabeth KIDDALL b. 1703, Datchworth HRT.

                    iv Ann KIDDALL b. 1705, Datchworth HRT.  m. Wm WILLIAMSON at Bygrave/Baldock. Wm a Baker at Baldock.

             15.     v Thomas b. 1706.

                    vi Bernard KIDDALL b. 1708, Datchworth HRT, d. 1709, Datchworth HRT.

                   vii Robert KIDDALL b. 1707, Datchworth HRT.  m. Elizabeth GARRATT 1729 at Ippollitts by lic.

                                                               Fifteenth Generation       

           15. Thomas KIDDALL b. 1706, Datchworth HRT, m. 1732, in Reed, Sarah HONOR .  Thomas died 1751, Weston HRT. Yeoman.       Children:    

                     i Mary KIDDALL b. 1734, Weston HRT.  m.1753 Richard Richardson at Weston. Mary died 1781 & Richard 1787 both at Weston.

                    ii Sarah KIDDALL b. 1735, Weston HRT.  m.1758 Wm Freeman at Ware

                   iii Rhoda KIDDALL b. 1738, Weston.

                    iv William KIDDALL b. 1741, Weston HRT.  m.1762 Susan Bye at Weston. Shown on Militia lists as a Wheelwright. Had a son Joseph bap.1763 died 1771 at Weston.

             16.     v Thomas b. 1743.

                    vi James KIDDALL b. 1746, Weston HRT.

                   vii John KIDDALL b. 1749, Weston HRT.

                                                               Sixteenth Generation       

           16. Thomas KIDDALL b. 1743, Weston HRT, m. 1765, in Offley HRT, Elizabeth SUSBOROUGH (SUSBERRY), b. 1738, Offley HRT, d. 1807, Wymondley HRT.  Thomas died 1813, Wymondley HRT. Named on Militia List as Thomas KIDOL a labourer to Sir Thomas Salisbury.        Children:    

             17.     i Robert b. 1766.

                    ii Mary KIDDALL or KIDDEL b. 1768, Offley HRT.  m. 24 September 1796 to Isaac UNDERLIN in Norton/Radwell,

                   iii Thomas KIDDALL b. 1770, Offley HRT.

                    iv John KIDDALL b. 1773, Offley HRT.  m.1801 Mary BUNCH at Little Wymondley (see the Wymondley family tree of William Kiddle). John Kiddle and Mary had a daughter baptised Mary on 5 December 1805. This Mary married David Dearmer on November 11 1820. In 1841 census for Little Wymondley her age was 35. She is the 2xgt-grandmother of Sam Hawkins (E-mail  9/00) NB. A branch of the Wymondley Kiddles emigrated to Australia ca1920 where there are many descendants.

                     v James KIDDALL b. 1774, Offley HRT.  m.1816 Phoebe NUTTING at L. Wymondley

                    vi Sarah KIDDALL b. 1777, Offley HRT.  m.1796 James PHILLIPS at Weston

                                                               Seventeenth Generation       

           17. Robert KIDDALL b. 1766, Offley HRT, and Jane GILBORD . Robert died ?     Children:    

             18.     i Robert bp. 1791. (base born, father assumed to be Robert)

                                                               Eighteenth Generation       

           18. Robert KIDDALL bp. 1791, Letchworth HRT, m. Ann (unknown).  Robert died 1865, Hitchin Union Workhouse age 80. In 1841 census a Labourer at Knebworth. Became ill & admitted to Bedfordshire? Infirmary before 1851. Ann died 1858 at Tower Lodge, Codicote; buried Knebworth.   Children:    

             19.     i Samuel b. 1815.

             19A    ii Mary KIDDLE b. 1817, Knebworth HRT.

                   iii Eliza KIDDLE b. 1820, Knebworth HRT.

             19B    iv Harriet KIDDLE b. 1824, Knebworth HRT.

             19C     v Job KIDDLE b. 1827, Knebworth HRT.m.1850 Ann EMMINS sister of Daniel. D. bef.1881cen.

                    vi Joshua KIDDLE b. 1830, Stevenage HRT, d. 1853.  m.1851? d.bef881

                   vii Rhoda KIDDLE b. 1833, Stevenage HRT, d. 1858? Married John THREADER in 1855 at Codicote, Herts. Ancestor of Rosalind WHITE of B.Stortford  nee Threader.

                  viii Edith KIDDLE b. 1835, Stevenage HRT, d. 1842 Knebworth.

                                                               Nineteenth Generation       

           19. Samuel KIDDLE b. 1815, Stevenage HRT, bp. 30-Jul-1815, Stevenage HRT, m. (1) 1833, in Stevenage HRT, Lydia IZZARD , d. 1834, m. (2) 1837, in Stevenage HRT, Sarah BIGGS , b. abt1816, Stevenage HRT, d. 1867, Shephall HRT.  Samuel died 1876, Shephall HRt. Grocer in 1851, Ag.Lab. in 61 & 71.

                       Children by Sarah BIGGS:

                     i George KIDDLE b. 1839, Stevenage HRT, bp. 2-Jun-1839, Stevenage HRT, d. 1840, Shephall HRt.

                    ii Emma KIDDLE b. 1840, Shephall HRt.  m.1866?

                   iii Henry KIDDLE b. 1842, Shephall HRt, d. 1900. In 1881 Inmate of Hitchin Union workhouse, age in index 77?

                    iv William KIDDLE b. 1844, Shephall HRt, d. 1925, Shephall HRt. m.Amelia DEARMER (see Bill Kiddle’s line)

                     v Rachell KIDDLE b. 1846, Shephall HRt.  m.1873?

                    vi Ellen KIDDLE b. 1847.

                   vii Sarah KIDDLE b. 1848, Shephall HRt.  In 1881 Census Inmate of Hitchin Workhouse aged 29

                  viii George KIDDLE b. 1851, Shephall HRT.Ag.Lab. unm in 1881 at Shephall.

                    ix Harriet KIDDLE b. 1853, Shephall HRt.

             20.     x Hannah b. 1855.                                                         

Twentieth Generation

          20. Hannah KIDDLE b. 1855, Shephall HRT (GRO index 4Q Hitchin RD 3a.207), m. 17-May-1880, in Parish Church, Stevenage HRT, Charles CARTER , b. 31-Oct-1858, Knebworth HRT, (son of George CARTER and Elizabeth PIGGOTT) Occ. Nursery Gardener, d. 27-Jan-1939, 4 Park Lane,Waltham X, HRT, bur. 1939, Bury Green Cemetery, Cheshunt.  Hannah died 16-May-1938, 7 War Mem Home of  Rest,Alms Ho, Cheshunt, bur. 1938, Bury Green Cem with husband.  Charles: From funeral report; Worked at Pauls Rose Nursery for over 40 yrs, then 7 yrs for Mr Esche as a gardener. One time Hon. Treas. of Cheshunt lodge of Odd Fellows.
She had nine children, of whom my mother, Lucy Florence CARTER b. 1896 was the youngest.

          19A         Mary KIDDLE m. Daniel EMMENS in 1841 (died bef.1862) (ancestors of Mr.G E Faulkner)

          19B         Harriet KIDDLE m. Daniel EMMENS in 1862 

         19C        Job KIDDLE m. Ann EMMINS (sister of Daniel) in 1850.           19C         Job KIDDLE m. Ann EMMINS (sister of Daniel) in 1850.

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