Extracts from Dorset Records by Phil Sherwood

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Shaftesbury St.Peter & Holy Trinity. C&M. 1837 TO 1892 (DRO ref PE/SY RE2/11)

Extracts from the Minutes of Shaftesbury Borough Council 1750-1817, compiled by P J Sherwood Nov 1996.

Dorset CRO Ref: DRO/B6, a buff Vellum-bound book (N.B. At each Council meeting, the Act against Bribery and Corruption was read, but I doubt much heed was taken of it! PJS) 

p.1       At a Common Council held at ye New Guildhall in and for the said Borough. 2nd Aug 1750 before Charles PINHORN Mayor; William BENNETT Esq. Recorder; John BENNETT Justice; Richard WILKINS; John PICKFATT; Walter MOHUN; Julius BECKFORD & John LAMPARD Gent. Capital Burgesses in & for the sd Borough.......
At the Common Council ye Deed of Surrender of James IVIE, Gent. of his office of a Capital Burgess.....is now brought here & produced.... dated 29 January last.... William HAMMOND, Clerk & Inhabitant of ye sd Borough being nominated to succeed James IVIE.
And  Henry SAUNDERS, John EXCELL, John HARVEY, Henry GLOVER and Matthew MEREFIELD, Gent. & other Capital or Chief Burgesses being duly summoned, do not attend the Council whereupon the sd surrender of James IVIE of his office.....is allowed, revived & taken accordingly. 

p.2       29 Aug 1750. Hannah TANSWELL, widow of Stephen put into Chubbs Almshouse.... 

p.3            Common Council held 24 Sept 1750: Mr.John LAMPARD elected Mayor.... 

p.5       23 Sept 1751: Mr.HAMMOND elected Mayor for the year now ensuing....Mr.GODDARD Town Clerk, Thomas BISHOP & Wm MEADER Serjeants at Mace. 13 Aug 1752: Mr.John Roberts EVERETT elected Capital Burgess. 

p.6       25 Sept 1752 Mr John PICKFATT elected Mayor.... Council held 7 Oct 1752 

p.7       19 Jan 1753: Revd Mr.Richard CLARK resigned his right to the Free School and Mr.John TOWNSEND elected Schoolmaster at Salary of 40/- pa. 

p.8       24 Sept 1753: Mr.John Roberts EVERETT elected Mayor....12 Nov 1753 Mr.Harry HAM(HANN?) hath now commanded an action against this Corporation for Money due to him....... 

p.9       7 Apr 1754: Prosecution for Libel against the Printer of the Salisbury Journal..... 

p.10      29 July 28.GeoII. John EXCELL resigns as Burgess. 

p.15      23 Sept 1754: Mr.Richard WILKINS elected Mayor.... 

p.21      15 Sept 1755 Lease executed to Michael LONDON of 3 Choughs? pursuant to a contract 4th Apr last & fine of 8 Guineas is paid to Mr EVERET. 

p.22      22 Sept 1755: Mr.henry GLOVER elected Mayor.... 

p.27      27 Aug 1756: Anthony Ashley COOPER nominated to succeed late william BENNETT as Recorder. 27 Sept 1756 John BENNETT elected Mayor.... 

p.32      22 Sept 1757 john LAMPARD elected Mayor.... 

p.34     6 Dec 1757: Samuel RABBITTS appointed Scavenger. 

p.37      25 Sept 1758 William HAMMOND elected Mayor....

                        1761 Henry GLOVER elected Mayor.... 

p.59      27 Sept 1762 Anthony BURLETON elected Burgess

            26 Sept 1763 Anthony BURLTON elected Mayor, John BENNETT Town Clerk.

            24 Sept 1764 John WHITE elected Mayor.... 

p.71      1765 Richard BLACKMORE  & Robert JOLLIFFE elected Burgesses. 

p.74      23 sept 1765 Joseph BRICKELL elected Mayor....

             1766 Thomas HAMILTON elected Mayor.... 

            1767 Robert JOLLIFFE elected Mayor....

            1768 Jno MATHEW elected Burgess

            1769 John BENNETT elected Mayor....

            1770 Charles PINHORN elected Mayor....

20 Sept 1771 Francis SYKES Esq. elected Recorder to succeed late Earl of Shaftesbury.

            1771 William HAMMOND elected Mayor....

            John Robert EVERETT elected Mayor on death of Wm HAMMOND.
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IMBER extracts from Marriage Register of Shaftesbury S.Peter & HT. (DRO ref PE/SY RE2/11) 1837 TO 1892

28 Sep 1837

Robert IMBER, widr, Whitesmith. Father Thomas I. Whitesmith
Hannah FOOT, full age, Sp, Button Maker. Father: Henry F. Cheese Jobber.
Wits Robert DOWLAND, Harriett (X) FOOT (Hannah remarried in 1861)

Entry No.15 17 March 1838

John IMBER, Minor, Bach. Ostler, Abode: Shaftesbury. Father: Thomas I. Whitesmith.
Elizabeth YOUNG, Full age, Sp. of Shaftesbury.Father: Thomas Y. Coachman
By Banns, both made their Mark. Wits: Geo (X) STAINER, Harriot FOOT

No.99 19 Jan 1848

John IMBER, full age, bach, Butcher of S.Peters. Father: Jeremiah I, a Smith
Selina ALNER, full age, Sp of S.Peters. Father: William A., Labr.

4 Nov 1851

Charles PHILLIPS, full,bach, Labr of Little Down Father: Wm a Labr.
Ann IMBER, full, Dressmaker of Little Down. Father: Robert I. Labr.(both made Mark)

8 Dec 1856

Thomas IMBER, 23, bach, Butcher of H.T. Father: Jeremiah, Whitesmith
Mary HORDER, 22, Sp of Angel La. Father:Peter H. Provision Dealer.

No.198 29 Jun 1857

George Edward WILLIAMS, 23, bach, Joiner of St.Lukes, Chelsea, Middx. Father: Timothy W, mason
Elizabeth IMBER,24, sp of Bell St. Father: George I. Butcher
. Wits: George & Louisa IMBER

No.209 4 July 1858

Henry George IMBER, 20,bach, Painter of Copper St. Lane. Father: Robert I. Whitesmith
Mary Ann WILLMOTT,19,sp. of Salisbury St. Father: John WILLMOTT, Plaisterer.

By banns, both signed. Wits: Alexander & Frances WARREN

7 July 1861

William GILES, 56, Widr, Painter of Salisbury St.
Hannah IMBER,46, Widow of Copper St. La. Father: Henry FOOT, Cheesedealer
Wits: Henry FOOT & Albetener(sic) IMBER

19 June 1864

Edmund IMBER, 23, Bach. Groom, Blyke St. Father: John I. Labr.
Lavinia READ, 24, sp. of Blke St. Father: Cornelius R. Coachman

15 Feb 1869

Charles IMBER,29, Widr, Painter of Coppice St. Father: Robert I. Whitesmith
Esther WICKER, 21, sp. of Coppice St. Father: John W. Platelayer.
both signed.Wits: William & Hannah GILES

2 Jan 1883

Alfred Thos. CARPENTER,30,bach, Commercial Traveller.Father: William C. decd, Famer.
Emily Oakley IMBER,24,Sp of St.Peters. Father Thomas I. Butcher

NB. John IMBER did not marry Henrietta at S.Peters bef 1892.

Shaston St Peter Baptisms from 1813 - 1867 (register unfit for production but I was allowed to see!)

28 Jun 1859 Robert (born 3 June) s. George & Mary Ann IMBER of Copper St. Lane, Painter
No.1221 21 Aug 1861 Harry born Aug 1st? s. George & Mary Ann IMBER of Copper St, S.Peter, Painter
6 Jan 1863 Agnes Mary d. Samuel & Sarah Ann IMBER Angel La, Shoemaker (bn Dec ?)